A Rich History, a Bright Future

Hartgrove Behavioral Health System has been a landmark and a place for hope and healing for almost 50 years, serving those who struggle with mental health issues. During that time, they’ve witnessed many changes and advancements firsthand in the science-based medical field of psychiatry. Hartgrove has been a pioneer in many of the exciting developments in the treatment of both simple and complex mental health related issues. Today, they continue to forge new paths with state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge practices which are proving to be revolutionary in the industry.

In 2007, Hartgrove constructed their modern, new facility near Oak Park where they continue to provide exceptional care, building on that half-century legacy of healing. Proven results through exciting advancements in the field of mental health continue to be hallmarks of who Hartgrove is. Specifically in the highly-specialized field of Neuropsychiatry, they are now able to combine the sciences of neurology and psychiatry – yielding impressive outcomes in the treatment of many common as well as more complex psychiatric issues.

Hargtrove doesn’t only serve its patients. The hospital and its caring team of professionals are valued members of the community, giving back through partnerships with police stations and schools, providing no-cost training and education. They are also a training hospital actively supporting teaching and training missions within various medical and clinical programs. Hartgrove also offers CEU training opportunities and learning lunches at no cost for providers in the community to help professionals earn continuing education credits. In 2014, Hartgrove offered over 100 trainings with more than 5,000 attendees.