We asked parents and clients to rate our services on a 1-5 scale with five being “strongly agree” and 1 being “strongly disagree”.

Overall, Hartgrove Behavioral Health System ranks in the top 10 Acute Care Psychiatric Facilities with an average score of 4.69/5.00.

Specific comments include:

“The staff really helped me”
“The staff is really nice”
“The groups helped me a lot”
“I really like going to the gym”
“The food is really good”

My daughter was admitted to your facility early Friday morning 3/13, so our first visit was Saturday 3/14. Upon arrival we were greeted by Dr. Hussain who took the time to listen to our concerns which was greatly appreciated. During the remaining visit we were talking with my daughter and she was expressing how she was not able to get much sleep the night before because her room is next to the girls who require constant monitoring and the staff was talking a lot. Ms. Sierra the Program Specialist for 3 North overheard us and apologized for the staff keeping my daughter up last night and said she will look into getting my daughter moved away from where the staff is so she will not be disturbed at night.

 We of course were very grateful that she offered and hoped to have that done soon. When I was able to speak with my daughter that very evening, the first thing she told me was Ms. Sierra moved her into a quieter room that very afternoon!

 I cannot express my gratitude enough for the thoughtfulness and concern Ms. Sierra showed my daughter, clearly this is not just a job for her but she is genuinely interested in these girls. It is rare to find people who are so kind and considerate, and I am so grateful that our family was fortunate enough during this difficult time to have Ms. Sierra.

Regards – Thankful Mother