For Patients / Families

Welcome to Hartgrove Behavioral Health System. Being hospitalized or hospitalizing a family member can be overwhelming. You may experience feelings, such as guilt, shame, fear, anger and even relief. Under the circumstances, these feelings are normal.

We want to extend our support to you. We would like the time your child or family member spends here at Hargrove to feel safe and supportive. The treatment is meant to help him/her return to their highest level of functioning. We believe you are an important part of their treatment, and we need your involvement so that your son, daughter or family member will have a more successful hospital stay and transition home.

Behavioral Consequences:Ā The rules on all units are designated to maintain a safe environment and promote positive interactions with peers and staff.

Point Level System for Children and Adolescents

The patients earn daily privileges from participation in a point-level system, which teaches responsibility and respect for themselves and others. Points are earned thorough group and school participation, positive peer interactions, self-care skills, and by making progress towards their individual treatment goals.

Points earned determine the youth/patient level and privileges increase as the level increases. We use a 3 or red, yellow and green level system with three or green being the highest level for those doing very well. Two or yellow indicates that the youth is participating in groups and activities, but is still having some difficulty. Level One red indicates that the youth is having a great deal of difficulty meeting expectations for behavior and participation in the program. This behavioral system is something that you can adapt to use at home after discharge. The treatment team is available to assist you if you want to use a similar system when your son or daughter returns home.